About Founder : Mr. Raghavendra Prasad
Raghavendra Prasad completed his BE and He worked in Software industry for 10 years.He is passionate about language teaching and learning new language. He is teaching Kannada (Language of Bengaluru, Karnataka) to language learners in Bengaluru, from past 8 years. With fluency in both Kannada and English, He has done many successful experiments in teaching Kannada language. He has designed his own pattern of syllabus which made learning Kannada easier. 

If anyone follows this pattern, they will be able to learn Kannada language in 12 hrs. He has conducted Kannada classes to many corporate offices, Apartments and also Individuals. He has trained more than 4000 people in Kannada. With this background of teaching Kannada, He has extended his language learning platform to Indian Languages. His new venture "IndLangs - Learn Indian Languages" focuses more on :
a. To teach language as language (Not as Syllabus).
b. To make language learning more fun and ease.